High quality handmade furniture

Bespoke furniture

Furniture for restaurants, cafes, night clubs, bars, hotels, offices, commercial furniture and homes.

Environmentally friendly

Gift boxes, beds for animals, other accessories are produced from furniture scrap generated during manufacturing process.

Furniture manufactoring

Our company has many years of experience in the field of furniture production. We work with designers and architects from all over Europe and other countries. We actively engage in international exhibitions as part of our endeavors.

We manufacture furniture both from catalog designs and to meet individual customer requests. Our furniture is modern, luxurious, classic and exclusive, as well as soft and solid. Our clients are restaurants, cafes, nightclubs, bars, hotels, offices, commercial and residential homes.

Our furniture is made of the highest quality eco-friendly materials, we also have certificates of ecological materials. Our diverse selection includes a wide range of fabric choices, leather options, and various types of wood.

As a socially responsible company, we extend our assistance to a variety of social organizations.

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Manufacturing facility

This is where we bring our exclusive furniture concepts to life.

Furniture manufactoring - MV furniture solution Ireland
Furniture manufactoring - MV furniture solution Ireland

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Our reputation extends well beyond Europe. Designers and architects from diverse locations, including London, the Caribbean, Chile, Russia, Germany, and the USA, have assessed our handcrafted furniture. We provide comprehensive furniture solutions, both tailored to individual specifications and sourced from our catalogs, while maintaining a collaborative approach with designers and architects.